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The history of Korea's Chosŏn Kingdom provides students with fascinating lessons about good governance and the relationship of the individual to society. Founded by a group of scholars with the specific goal of building an ideal society, Chosŏn Korea exerts a powerful influence on modern Korean culture and social mores. This site features visual resources, personal stories, historical documents, maps, images and classroom-ready lesson plans to help students, teachers and parents better understand the history and culture of this important chapter in world history and provides a compelling case study for human kind's ongoing struggle to perfect the institution of government.

This work was published with a publication subsidy of The Academy of Korean Studies Grant, funded by the Korean Government (MEST), (AKS-2010-ALC-2101) as well as with the generous support of The Freeman Foundation and Chong Kun Dang Pharm.

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The Korea Society's Korean Studies department works to create programs and curriculum materials on Korea. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Special Thanks to:

Yong Jin Choi, Former Vice President of Korean Studies 

Hanmaro Kang, Site Director

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Kangnung City Museum
Kyujanggak, Seoul National University
Leeum, Samsung Foundation of Art
Maryknoll Mission Archives
National Geographic Information Institute, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
The Advancement Center of Korean Studies
The General Commission on Archives & History, The United Methodist Church
The King Sejong Memorial Foundation Association
The Korea University Museum
The National Folk Museum of Korea
The National Royal Museum of Korea
The National Museum of Korea
The Moffett Korea Collection, The Special Collection of Princeton Theological Seminary
Ahn Jang-heon, Kim Hyonjin, Park Ah-rim, Natalee Newcombe, Marianna Giacalone, Sojeong Kim, Cody Thiel


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