Confucianism became deeply ingrained within Chosŏn society and resulted in the creation of a strict Confucian social hierarchy. The king reigned at the top of the social pyramid and served as a role model who exemplified Confucian values. Below the king were scholar-officials, aristocrats who ruled the government according to Confucian virtues and values. The class below the scholar-officials was made up of individuals who provided goods and services such as farmers and craftsmen. By following the actions of the people above them, the rest of the classes spread Confucianism throughout every segment of society. It was in this way that Chosŏn Koreans tried to build a perfect and harmonious Confucian society.

Confucian World Order
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The King
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The Yangban: Chosŏn Aristocracy
The Commoners
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The Lowborn
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